• Low-Cost Liquid-Handling Robotics Kit
    Ethan Li, Ingmar Riedel-Kruse PhD

    Design and development of kit to make benchtop lab automation widely accessible to students and citizen scientists. Ongoing research project.

    robotics, electromechanical system, design, rapid prototyping, onshape, arduino, python
  • Optimizing oxygen saturation monitoring to aid decision-making during simulated neonatal resuscitation
    Ethan Li, Janine Bergin, Henry C. Lee MD, Janene H. Fuerch MD
    Li EJ, Bergin JM, Lee HC, Fuerch JH. Optimizing oxygen saturation monitoring to aid decision-making during simulated neonatal resuscitation. Poster session presented at: Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting; 2018 May 5-8; Toronto, Canada.

    Investigation of how introduction of visual oxygen saturation targeting system affects visual attention and decision-making during infant resuscitation.

    medical technology, human factors, design, javascript, node.js
  • Display of Car Surroundings for Semi-Autonomous Vehicles
    Ethan Li, TJ Melanson, Aashna Shroff, Jessica Zhao

    Novel human-machine interface concept and software prototype of key concept to provide intuitive operation of semi-autonomous vehicles. Team project for CS 210 course series, in partnership with HELLA Ventures.

    design, computer vision, python, opencv
  • Segmental Convolutional Neural Networks for Detection of Cardiac Abnormality with Noisy Heart Sound Recordings
    Yuhao Zhang, Sandeep Ayyar, Long-Huei Chen, Ethan Li

    A segmental convolutional neural network architecture for the task presented in the PhysioNet/CinC 2016 challenge. Team project for the BIOMEDIN 212 course.

    deep learning, machine learning, signal processing, bioinformatics, python, scikit-learn, matlab
  • Simulating Dye Advection in a Three-Dimensional Fluid

    Fluid dynamics simulation of dye advection in milk with soap droplets, using Jos Stam's "Stable Fluids" method with additional algorithmic refinements. Awarded as best technical project out of 47 projects in the Summer 2016 CS 148 course.

    simulation, fluid dynamics, graphics, c++, opengl
  • VERA Sleeve: Venous Return Assistance Leg Sleeve
    Ethan Li, Preston Lim, Alaina Shumate

    Functional prototype of a novel wearable medical device to treat patients with Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Team project for the BIOE 141 course series.

    biodesign, medical technology, design, arduino, electromechanical system, python, qt
  • Experiments in Interactive Data Visualization

    Two projects exploring techniques in interactive data visualization. The first conveys demographic data with important policy implications for Asian American communities, while the second explores the use of spatial cues in displaying three-dimensional data.

    data visualization, race and ethnicity, graphics, javascript, three.js
  • E. coli Fermentor
    Ethan Li, Jessica Lam

    Batch bioreactor with real-time web interface and modular sensor/actuator platform, designed and built from scratch. Team project for the BIOE 123 course.

    smart connected device, electromechanical system, design, rapid prototyping, solidworks, arduino, python, flask, raspberry pi


  • Field Sampling in SF Bay Salt Ponds & Marshes
    David Chen, Katie Gu, Ethan Li

    Historical & ecological overview of salt ponds and marshes in the SF Bay Area, field report of sampling trip to selected field sites, and microscopy images and videos of collected specimens.

    foldscope, field
  • Cursor Control with Webcam-Based Head Pose Estimation
    Cindy Jiang, Ethan Li, Vinson Luo

    Intuitive real-time on-screen cursor control system using consumer webcams. Team project for the CS 231A course.

    human factors, design, computer vision, python, opencv
  • Learning to Draw

    Progress portfolio for ME 110, an introduction to freehand design sketching.

    design, drawing
  • Analysis of Top-Tier Computer Science Conferences and Research Communities using NLP
    Ethan Li, James Hong

    Using NLP to study the structure and characteristics of CS research communities through paper titles and abstracts published in top conferences. Team project for the CS 221 course.

    machine learning, natural language processing, word vector embeddings, python, tensorflow
  • Lung Visualization

    Rotating 3-D animation of a lung model segmented from a Computed Tomography scan.

    data visualization, javascript, graphics
  • Spatial Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Model of lac Operon Dynamics

    Preliminary study of the feasibility of developing a spatial stochastic reaction-diffusion model to investigate the effect of low-concentration particles in genetic circuits.

    simulation, computational biology, systems biology


I have worked as a teaching assistant for the following courses at Stanford University:

  • CS 210: Software Project Experience with Corporate Partners course series, Winter & Spring 2018.
  • BIOE 123: Biomedical System Prototyping Lab, Winter 2017 and Winter 2019.
  • ENGR 40M: Introduction to Electrical Engineering Lab, Spring 2015.
  • BIOE 131: Ethics in Bioengineering, Spring 2015.